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The Problem Solver Story

Driven by a Passion to Bring New Ideas to Life

Problem Solver Media was founded in 2016 by CEO Sekoyya Little, following B.A of Information Technology at Stratford University in Virginia Beach. While his initial idea was to teach small businesses about digital marketing and the importance of websites, the overwhelming interest for Sekoyya to lead these efforts resulted in the agency’s launch. We’ve since grown from a simple business plan to a prestigous digital marketing agency, fortunate enough to serve the 7 cities.

Remarkable Digital Experiences

Bettering Small Businesses By The Button

Online Marketing Management

Driving Business Results Through Smarter Marketing

Our proprietary approach helps clients shift marketing investments fluidly and as effectively as possible, while delivering the most relevant experiences for their customers.


Rooted in the principles of complete online management


Analytically-driven approach to digital marketing—across the entire customer journey

Fluid allocation and reallocation: testing, proving, and moving

Pursuit of the optimal customer experience

Suite of Tools

Interconnected set of tools for analysis, scenario planning, personalization, and optimization

Real-time, unified view of portfolio performance — pinpointing and prioritizing areas of opportunity

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Problem Solver Media is a proud member of the 7 cities. We strive to educate and callaborate with like-minded businesses to make a difference enviormentally and socially. Let's collaborate today.


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